ASIILOVI U V Light Wand, Rechargeable Portable Handheld


【Simple One-Button Operation】ASIILOVI UV light sanitizer makes your living space cleaner with a simple press and scan. No Chemicals, No irritants or fumes. New generation UV light.
【For All Occasions】This handheld UV sanitizer wand could be used in many items, such as: bedding (pillow, bedsheets, etc.), clothing (shoes, socks, underwear, etc.), personal hygiene products (towels, toothbrushes, makeup tools, jewelry etc.), Kitchen utensils, counter / bathroom appliances(bathtub, faucets, etc.), automotive supplies (seat cushions, steering wheels, etc.), other uses (mobile phones, computer keyboards, headphones, baby toys, etc.).
【Portable & Easy to Carry】Compact size UVC light sanitizer, put in your handbag, backpack or luggage. Clean whenever needed even while you are on the go! It is suitable not only for home use but also for business trips and travel, whether at home or on a trip, it makes sure that you live in a clean and safe environment to keep your health.

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