Men & Women Knee High Compression Socks 20-30mmHg


Gradient Compression Socks: The design of pressure from the ankle to the calf decreases gradually, which can squeeze the blood vessels in the calves, and then allow more blood and oxygen to flow to the muscles of the calves, so that oxygen and energy substances can enter the muscles faster, and also help metabolism Waste and carbon dioxide are excreted from the muscles faster.
Functional: compression design provides strong support for muscle of calves, reduces muscle tremor, relieves calves fatigue, pain and swelling, thereby, improving energy production efficiency. Also, the high compression socks can improve varicose veins.
Moisture Wicking Material Workout Socks: The knee-high socks are made of moisture-wicking, durable and lightweight fabric, which can remove sweat from feet skin and keep them dry quickly after a long -term use. The wide cuffs of the socks are non-slip design, will not fall off easily, and can wrap the calves comfortably. Arch support bottoms perform well on anti-skid and shock absorption. By the way, non-slip bottom is ergonomically correct for various shoes and will not slide freely.